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Call For New Mentors

17.01.2017 - This is a call for 'New mentors'@FIN.

Last semester international FIN students from DKE & DE started a Mentoring programme, in collaboration with faculty and FaraFIN to help all respective students in following things.

Guidelines are provided for:

So, if you think you can help in any of these things and you have some updated information about rules & regulations of examination department@FIN. Please be a part of the programme, it doesn’t require that much of your time. 

Plan for Summer Semester 17:

Note: You should be atleast a student of second semester to be a mentor. Students in their last semester are also encourage to be part of this programme, since your experience will help new students a lot.

Letzte Änderung: 22.01.2017 - Contact Person: Dr.-Ing. Claudia Krull