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Course Assignment to Topic Areas in Digital Engineering

20.07.2018 -

DKE Arrangements for Summer Term 2018

23.04.2018 - In summer term 2018, the Data Science Master DKE offers fewer courses in some areas, due to exceptional circumstances. To assist the students who are now in the 3rd semester and prepare for their master thesis, the following arrangements are offered. If you are in your second semester, arrangement (4) applies to you. If you are in your first semester, it is advisable that you take a bit less courses now and more in the next term.

NOTE: These Arrangements are ONLY valid for courses and exams taken in the SUMMER TERM 2018!!!

Document with detailed Arrangements

Module Catalog 2018 online

19.03.2018 - The updated module catalog for Summer 2018 is now available online on the following website:

The catalog contains all modules offered at FIN, and some even outside of FIN. It is not restriced to sumemrterm and even contains modules no longer offered, which is necessary for formal reasons.

Concerning the Recording of Lectures

28.02.2018 - It has come to our attention that students are regularly creating audio recordings of lectures. Some for personal use and some even to make them available to other students.

Without the explicit consent of the presenter, (audio or video) recording a presentation, lecture or talk is already illegal. Consequently, passing it on to others and publishing it on the internet is also illegal. Both are punishable by law!

Some of the reasons and laws involved:
  1. Copyright (Urheberrecht, UrhG)
    The presenter holds the copyright on his talk, slides etc. Someone copying and/or publishing the content, even partially, without consent is violating that right.
  2. Personal Rights, more specifically the right to determine who hears what I am saying. (Recht am gesprochenen Wort, BGB, StGB)
    The lecturer gives his lecture to the students in the room, and not to an unknown number of further listeners.
  3. Personal Rights, Right to your own picture. (Recht am eigenen Bild, BGB, StGB)
    If the lecturer is not a person of public interest, he/she has a right to determine if and how pictures and video images of him/her are published.


You can find more detailed information (in German) on the website of the University of Cologne:

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