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English exam registration forms

21.02.2017 - The following exam registration forms are now also available in English:
- individual examination (oral, report, etc.)
- individual scientific project (WIP)
- Masters thesis
- and an authorship statement for the thesis

You can find the forms on the following website (which is still in German):ährend+des+Studiums/Prüfungsorganisation/Weitere+Formulare.html

Expanded Regulations Concerning Course Assignment to Topic Areas

27.01.2017 -

Concerning Course Assignments to Topic Areas

17.01.2017 - We are aware that the current regulations might not reflect all desirable assignments of courses to topic areas. The examinations committee will hold a meeting and pass a regulation next Wednesday, to help to relieve some of these problems. These will then be in effect, until a final regulation can be added to the examination regulations document.

Call For New Mentors

17.01.2017 - This is a call for 'New mentors'@FIN.

Last semester international FIN students from DKE & DE started a Mentoring programme, in collaboration with faculty and FaraFIN to help all respective students in following things.

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