Project Registrations

08.09.2017 -

Please note that every exam must be registered with the FIN exams office, before you can take it and get the grade. This also holds for Projects such as ITP, or DE-Projects. You must register these using the following form, or something to that effect (including project duration and final exam date):
Registration must happen at least 2 weeks before the actual examination date. Projects registration is advisable when you start the project, since only then can you be sure, that you can get CP for that particular project.

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Recent Regulation Changes

21.07.2017 -

In March the faculty passed some changes to the regulations for the DE and DKE Master programs. The two most important ones are:

  1. We increased the language skill level needed for application to C1, common European reference framework.
  2. We allow students to step back from one (and only one) exam, which has been started but not yet completed. Meaning, you can drop one subject that you have failed, and not yet successfully repeated, and not yet failed a third time.

You can switch from your regulations into the most recent ones with these changes, if, and only if you can fulfill the increased language requirement of C1. If your English score is too low, that is unfortunately not possible.

The procedure of how to switch regulations will be announced shortly, please wait for the details, if you are planning to do that.

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Inform yourself about internships and job opportunities

01.06.2017 -

You’re looking for an internship to get more practice in your subject area? You want to network, establish contacts and introduce yourself to potential employers?

On the 14th June you get the chance to inform yourself about internships and job opportunities in the IT-Industry from local and nationwide companies.

For more information please read the attached information sheet or visit the event homepage at!

Facebook event:

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English exam registration forms

21.02.2017 -

The following exam registration forms are now also available in English:
- individual examination (oral, report, etc.)
- individual scientific project (WIP)
- Masters thesis
- and an authorship statement for the thesis

You can find the forms on the following website (which is still in German):ährend+des+Studiums/Prüfungsorganisation/Weitere+Formulare.html

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